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About the safety of Aomori Prefecture apples in 2010

(Related to the Fukushima nuclear accident)


 We confidently promote the safety of Aomori Prefecture`s apples. 

TOP  Certificate  The distance from the Nuclear Plant 

Investigation Report  Conservation status, Refrigerators 



  The result of the investigation has confirmed that the level of radioactive iodine and cesium detected in the samples from Aomori Prefecture is below the reference value. 

No radioactive iodine or cesium was detected in the samples used for testing . 

The apples used for testing


Hiroka Hirosaki Chouseika


Kobori Stores


Gold Farm




 <The distance between Hirosaki and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant


 There are about 350km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to Hirosaki therefore the worries about the radioactivity that might affect the crops are not founded.

Monitoring survey  Unit:μSv(microsievert)

June 1,2011


June 1,2011



June 1,2011

Fukushima :1.6


The normal values taken in the past Unit:μSv(microsievert)
0.017~0.102 0.014~0.084 0.037~0.046




  The Investigation Report


Aomori Pref. Pharmaceutical Association and Health Inspection Center




The investigation was carried out and accredited by the Aomori Pref. Pharmaceutical Association and Health Inspection Center. 







 The investigation consists in measuring the radioactive iodine and cesium.

Type of investigation
Quantitative test (measuring twice,report of the arithmetic value) 

Verify if it meets the standards of the reference value


Nal Scintillation detector

(Made by Perkin 2480WIZARD2 Auto Counter)


 Preprocessing test
maeshori01.jpg maeshori02.jpg

The Investigation Report
kensa1.jpg kensa3.jpg




<The Refrigerators where the apples are stored>

 The samples used for testing were stored in special refrigerators therefore there is no danger of being contaminated with radioactivity.   

Hiroka Hirosaki Chouseika Hirosaki Apple Cooperative Gold Farm
view from outside the building
hokan_hiroka01.jpg hokan_hirosaki01.jpg hokan_gold01.jpg
hokan_hiroka02.jpg hokan_hirosaki02.jpg hokan_gold02.jpg
Inside the refrigerators
hokan_hiroka03.gif hokan_hirosaki03.jpg hokan_gold03.jpg


  We ensure that our products are safe and do not pose any danger, we are making our best efforts in restoring our customers confidence. We guarantee no extra damage will be made.

We thus testify our products safety

Enjoy eating apples without worries!