Here is the awaited second series of "We, the Ringobito."


Here is the awaited second series of “We, the Ringobito.”

Having lived in the Tsugaru area and been involved in apples in various ways, they are the people to be handed down to the next generation.  Here, their true stories are told.

The second “Ringobito” is Mr. Tsuneo Kitae, the chairperson of Kitae Apple Co. Ltd., an apple trader.

We are proud to present his story in two volumes.  Please enjoy the first volume now.


There’s a man with the solid belief that this business is his calling.  This man, who lived through a turbulent period and headed to the north without any of his belongings, built a generation after overcoming many obstacles.  The eyes of this man who has loved and been loved by apples still glisten at present.   Read more…






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