vol.2 Enhance Flavor by Mixture

One time there was an issue in the news about what to call children born between a Japanese and foreign national. We had never answered, and those children in question also have different opinions about how they want to be called. When the word, “Konketsu”, mixed blood, changed to “haafu” (half), there was a warm discussion. We’ve come to a conclusion this time. The meaning of “mixture” may have sounded negative, so now we commonly use “haafu”. It may simply be a matter of sound; words in katakana sound more cool.

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vol.1 Excitement about the gap between the flavor and appearance of yellow apples

“Looks” are important for most things, including food. Do you remember that once a book titled, “People Are Judged 90% by Appearance”, became a best seller? A delicious-looking food tastes really good. A gentle-looking man was found to be, as expected, really kind. Learning value only by appearance gives our society a sense of security. However, in the present day in Japan, a contrary sense of value called “Gap Moe” is spreading. It means being attracted to someone because of the big gap between his looks and character. When someone has a character contrary to his looks, people are attracted to him all the more.

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