“Apples and Music vol.3” by Horacio, a music writer

By | 03/30/2019

“Apples and Music” by Horacio, a music writer
~ All about apples ~

Horacio, a music writer, talks about apples enthusiastically, but in a relaxed manner.

The long-awaited third volume is titled, “To Central Asia, gnawing at an apple”

What comes to mind when you hear the word “apple” or see the fruit? Perhaps most of you would imagine an extensive apple orchard scene in Aomori or Nagano Prefecture. The close relationship between apples and these prefectures is almost common sense to most Japanese people. Conversely, many people would think of apples first when they hear the names of these prefectures. Read more…


【Horacio】 A music writer who loves Polish Jazz, from Osaka, now lives in Aomori.

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