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We introduce recipe for “Soft juicy yakiniku rice bowl pickled in apples” by Ayako Miwa.a

We introduce recipe by Miwako Aya who presides over cooking classes mainly using fermented ingredients. This recipe is simple enough to pickle in grated apples! Soft juicy yakiniku rice bowl pickled in apples Ingredients (For 4 people) Thinly sliced pork 400gOnion(Thinly sliced) HalfRice 400g ★Apple(grated) HalfSoy sauce 4 table spoonsSake 2 table spoons – Decoration-egg yolk 4white sesame adequategreen shiso (shredded) 4 leaves Instructions 1) Put the ★ & pork thinly sliced pork and onion in a zipper bag and pickle for about an hour. 2)Put sesame oil in a frying pan over medium heat, fry the pickled onions and thinly sliced pork until cooked. 3)Serve rice and 2) in… Read More »