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“Fuji”, the ever-evolving 80th anniversary of birth

“Fuji” is apples that everyone knows, the most produced variety in the world.This year marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of “Fuji”.It has been loved so far because it has been actually evolving. “Fuji” was born at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Horticultural Experiment Station, which was located Minamitsugarugun Fujisakimachi, Aomori, Japan (Currently it is located to Morioka, Iwate, Japan).On 1939, it was raised crossing “Kokko” and “Delicious”, and registered as “Fuji(Ringo Norin No,1)” on 1962. On 1982, after overtaking the delicious varieties that had been number one until then, it did not give up the top spot.Even now, it is the most popular and unrivaled, so it’s no… Read More »

Pan roast apple cake Apple University Kitchen

Here is “Apple university kitchen” to introduce recipes to use apple. Today we offer “Pan roast apple cake“. This is easy pan roast cake, pan cake mix based, not to use oven. Pan roast apple cake【Ingredients】(1 fly pan , width around 27cm) 2 Apples 30g butter 3 tbsps sugar ■Cake Dough 3 eggs 4 tbsps sugar 1 tbsp instant coffee 100ml salad oil 200g pan cake mix 【Instructions】 1. Make cake dough.Break the eggs into bowl, add sugar and instant coffee and mix them quickly, then add salad oil. 2. Put pan cake mix into instrcution 1, then mix them thoroughly. 3. Put pan cake mix into instrcution 1, then… Read More »