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Apple pizza with gyoza(dumpling) skin~Apple university kitchen~

“Apple university kitchen” offers recipe using apple. Recipes to be introduced this time is “Apple pizza with gyoza(dumpling) skin”. Necessary items are only knives and toaster oven, so it’s easy for everyone, even if cooking beginner, to cook it easy. And it is suitable for light snacks. Apple pizza with gyoza(dumpling) skin ■Ingredients (For three people) ・Apple 1/8・Gyoza(dumpling) skin(Bigger size) 3・Onion 1/4・Dry sausage(or bacon, sausage, etc) a little・pizza sauce 1.5 tablespoons・cheese for pizza 30g・dried basil as you like ■Recipe 1. Slice the onion, then heat it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. 2. Remove the core of apple with skin, cut it into small size quarter-rounds. 3. Slice dried… Read More »