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Let’s increase good bacteria with oligosaccharides. “Ringo Kenbi” (Apple is healthy and beautiful)

Erika Shinohara, registered dietitian, presents column with “beauty and health” in mind serialization. The second installment of the article is based on the theme of “delicious intestinal activity ♪ with apples” and introduces “Let’s increase good bacteria with oligosaccharides”. 🍎   🍎   🍎 “delicious intestinal activity ♪ with apples”One of the typical ingredients of apples is dietary fiber.Dietary fiber can be expected to have the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment. Let’s increase good bacteria with oligosaccharides Apple pectin contains oligosaccharides that feed bifidobacteria (good bacteria).There are also reports that ingesting apple pectin increased bifidobacteria by 15%. (※1) ※1 The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization website, “Elucidation of the functionality of apple… Read More »