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apple chips cookie🍎

We introduce recipe with apples which high school students in Hirosaki, Aomori developped by their part of the research project. It is ice box cookies with dried apple.Outside coating of the cookie is crispy and sweet, and inside is brittle.It is a cookie that the flavor of the apple spreads in the mouth as you chew and becomes a habit. Recipe: apple chips cookie Ingredients ★apple chips apple 1 piece. salt 1 pinch water 200ml ☆dough of cookie butter 80g egg yolk 1 granulated sugar 40g flour 120g ○Coating Egg 1 granulated sugar dosage Instructions ★Make apple chipsPreparationPreheat the oven to 100°C.Make 0.1% salt water in a bowl (200 ml of water, about 0.2 g of a pinch of… Read More »