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We introduce recipe of “Healthy! salted rice malt clam chowder with apple and scallop” by Ms. Ayako Miwa

We introduce recipe by Miwako Aya who presides over cooking classes mainly using We introduce recipe which fermented ingredients are mainly used by Ms. Ayako Miwa who presides over a cooking classes. Please see recipe for clam chowder which apple and scallop made in Aomori with salted rice malt. Healthy! Salted rice malt clam chowder with apple and scallop Ingredients (For 4 people) ★Onion(Thinly sliced) HalfPotato(1cm dice) 1Carrot(1cm dice) 30gApple(1cm dice) HalfSmall scallop 150gShimeji mushroom (loosen by hand) ☆Soy milk 400gSalted rice malt 1 tablespoonRice flour 1 tablespoonWhite pepper a littleparsley a little Instructions 1) Put 3 tablespoons of water (out of quantity) and ★ ingredients in a saucepan,sprinkle with… Read More »