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We introduce recipe for “Rice flour cake sale with apples and Camembert” by Ayako Miwa.

Ayako Miwa, fermentation beauty instructor, introduces perfect for snacks and tea time food, the “Apple and Camembert Rice Flour Cake Sale” recipe. It’s fun to make components that are left in the refrigerator.(But broccoli is very delicious, so I recommend it!) The saltiness of Camembert and the sweet and sour taste of apples make the meal progress. It is made with 100% plant-based ingredients that do not use butter or eggs, so even those with egg allergies, vegetarians, and vegans can eat it with confidence. Rice flour cake sale with apples and Camembert Ingredients1 pound cake mold (8.5×21×6.3cm) 〈A〉Rice flour 120gAlmond powder 20gcorn starch 10gbaking powder 10g 〈B〉Rice oil 30gUnadjusted… Read More »