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Dietary fiber is an ally of diet “Ringo Kenbi” (Apple is healthy and beautiful)

Erika Shinohara, registered dietitian, presents column with “beauty and health” in mind serialization. In the sixth installment, under the theme of “Delicious Diet ♪ with Apples” , we will introduce various ingredients that support the apple diet and recommended ways to eat them. 🍎   🍎   🍎 Delicious diet with applesEven if you eat one apple, it has a low energy content of about 100 kcal.Moreover, it contains a variety of ingredients that support weight loss.Let’s build a delicious, healthy, and beautiful body with one apple a day. Dietary fiber is an ally of diet Dietary fiber is an indispensable ingredient for a healthy diet. Dietary fiber is water-soluble and insoluble, both of… Read More »