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Apple and asparagus “Koro Koro” salad

Apple University Kitchen Apple and asparagus “Koro Koro” salad How about a “Koro Koro” salad with apples and asparagus cut into squares?The red and green are vivid to the eye and make the dining table gorgeous.You can also enjoy the various textures of each ingredient.The dressing contains yogurt and has a smooth mouthfeel, and the mustard and pepper are tangy and accentuated to enhance the deliciousness of the ingredients. Click here for detailed recipe Speaking of asparagus, “aspartic acid” and “rutin”.Aspartic acid, a type of amino acid, has the effect of accelerating metabolism and restoring fatigue. Rutin strengthens capillaries, so it helps prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Apples have a similar… Read More »