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Wow! Aomori apples, over 100,000 boxes.

🍎Surprised! Aomori apples, 110,000 boxes On October 27th, 118,000 boxes apples were received in Hirosaki Chuo Seika Inc., which is apple wholesale market, due to beginning “Packed Fuji” and “Orin”. 2,360 t apples are received in market because one box weighs about 20 kg. “Packed Fuji” occupies about 60%, and there are also “Orin”,”Shinano-gold”,”Sun Jonagold”.In addition, there are several rare varieties apples. It is a spectacular view because apple boxes are lined up outside because they can’t fit in the large market spaces 🍎More surprised! Aomori apples 130,000 boxes On November 2nd, 130,000 boxes apples were received in the market, the numbers were 20,000 more boxes than the number of… Read More »