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Cooked Apple with Red Wine

Let us introduce you to a stylish dessert for adults using wine. It’s simply “Cooked Apple with Red Wine.”   Ingredients, 2 servings 1 apple 2 thin slices of lemon A little cinnamon powder 100ml red wine 100ml water 40g sugar   Procedure 1. Cut the apple into eight wedges. Remove and discard the core and peel. 2. Heat wine, water and sugar in a pan. Add the apple and put the lemon slices on top. Place a paper lid on top and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes until the apple becomes transparent. 3. When the apple turns the color of the wine, remove from heat. Let it stand… Read More »

The process of “Mojie Ringo”, or printing letters and a design on the surface of the apple No. 1 [Applying a seal]

“Mojie Ringo” is a harvested apple with artistically printed letters and designs on the skin Here is the report from our visit to one of the producers to observe the process of “Mojie Ringo” apples.           The apples that are bagged during cultivation are used for “Mojie Ringo.”  Bagging apples enables farmers to block direct sunlight.  Exposing the fruit to sunlight after a certain time immediately encourages them to produce anthocyanin, a component that turns the skin red.  Areas covered with a seal will be left non-red, so letters and designs will appear clearly on the skin. For information on the coloring of apples, click here.… Read More »