A new section! “Apples and Music” by Horacio, a music writer

By | 11/14/2017

“Apples and Music” by Horacio, a music writer
~ All about apples ~

The new section has begun.

“Apples and Music” by Horacio, a music writer~ All about apples ~

Horacio, a music writer, talks about apples enthusiastically, but in a relaxed manner.

The curious first article is titled “Excitement about the gap between the appearance and flavor of yellow apples.”

“Looks” are important for most things, including food. Do you remember that once a book titled, “People Are Judged 90% by Appearance”, became a best seller? A delicious-looking food tastes really good. A gentle-looking man was found to be, as expected, really kind. Learning value only by appearance gives our society a sense of security. Read more…


【Horacio】 A music writer who loves Polish Jazz, from Osaka, now lives in Aomori.

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