The Process of “Mojie Ringo” No. 3 Decorative Arrangement

By | 03/30/2018

We now introduce you to the task of Decorative Arrangement, a final touch, following issues No.1 “Applying Seals” and No. 2 “Coloring to Completion.”

Mojie Ringo” is used for a gift or ornamental fruit because of its artistic beauty.  This is why the last process of the arrangement is crucial.


A box or a basket of apples with vivid red and white drawings and designs of good luck attracts the eye.

An especially eye-catching treasure ship displayed every year at the presentation stage is carefully made by two men piling up apples into four stories. 





The most popular merchandise is Mojie Ringo in a plastic case, which encloses an individually wrapped apple with a cushion and small objects inside to add more artistry.



One Mojie Ringo itself is beautiful enough, but adding some arrangements makes it more valuable.  It deserves its high reputation.





I hope they keep creating such remarkable Mojie Ringo in the future.

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