Refreshing with potassium! “Ringo Kenbi” (Apple is healthy and beautiful)

By | 04/06/2024

Erika Shinohara, registered dietitian, presents column with “beauty and health” in mind serialization.

In the 7th installment, under the theme of “Delicious Diet ♪ with Apples” , we will introduce various ingredients that support the apple diet and recommended ways to eat them.

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Delicious diet with apples
Even if you eat one apple, it has a low energy content of about 100 kcal.
Moreover, it contains a variety of ingredients that support weight loss.
Let’s build a delicious, healthy, and beautiful body with one apple a day.

Refreshing with potassium!

One of the benefits of apples is that they are rich in potassium. Potassium has the effect of excreting excess sodium (salt) through urine and sweat. Therefore, it can eliminate swelling caused by excessive salt intake. If you like strong flavors, or if you often eat out or eat ready-made meals that are high in salt, eating apples will help you absorb potassium into your body, which will help prevent swelling and create a refreshed body.

Please wait for a while until the next installment of the article “➑A diet that makes you beautiful from the inside out”

Tips on how to eat apples to stay beautiful and healthy, and I somehow knew that apples seemed to be good for the body, but how is it really? I also recommend ♡ reading to those who say

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Erika Shinohara Profile

registered dietitian, Vegetable Sommelier Pro, The Board Certification of Therapy Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

After working at a general hospital and a nephrology and internal medicine clinic, she became independent. Through many years of clinical experience and activities in anti-aging medicine, she specializes in discovering dietary habits that create health and beauty from within the body and disseminating them in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to providing dietary counseling at medical institutions, she is active in a wide range of activities, including lectures nationwide, seminar lecturers, column writing, media correspondence such as TV, radio, and magazines, and supervising books.

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Refreshing with potassium!
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