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The Process of “Mojie Ringo” No. 3 Decorative Arrangement

We now introduce you to the task of Decorative Arrangement, a final touch, following issues No.1 “Applying Seals” and No. 2 “Coloring to Completion.” “Mojie Ringo” is used for a gift or ornamental fruit because of its artistic beauty.  This is why the last process of the arrangement is crucial.   A box or a basket of apples with vivid red and white drawings and designs of good luck attracts the eye. An especially eye-catching treasure ship displayed every year at the presentation stage is carefully made by two men piling up apples into four stories.          The most popular merchandise is Mojie Ringo in a plastic… Read More »

The process of “Mojie Ringo” No. 2 Coloring to Completion

We have introduced to you the process of applying seals on the surface of apples in the previous article. Now we’ll show you how the apples change color and the designed apples complete the process. Just after seals are applied ⇒ 3 days later ⇒ 10 days later You can see the gradual change of colors. The outline becomes faint in the “10 days later” photo, blending with the skin color. As with the normal cultivation of apples, the process of rotating apples and spreading a sun-reflection sheet on the ground are done in order to get enough sunlight for even coloring.   Since the “Stark Jumbo” variety, the picture on… Read More »

The process of “Mojie Ringo”, or printing letters and a design on the surface of the apple No. 1 [Applying a seal]

“Mojie Ringo” is a harvested apple with artistically printed letters and designs on the skin Here is the report from our visit to one of the producers to observe the process of “Mojie Ringo” apples.           The apples that are bagged during cultivation are used for “Mojie Ringo.”  Bagging apples enables farmers to block direct sunlight.  Exposing the fruit to sunlight after a certain time immediately encourages them to produce anthocyanin, a component that turns the skin red.  Areas covered with a seal will be left non-red, so letters and designs will appear clearly on the skin. For information on the coloring of apples, click here.… Read More »