Wow! Aomori apples, over 100,000 boxes.

By | 11/24/2020

🍎Surprised! Aomori apples, 110,000 boxes

On October 27th, 118,000 boxes apples were received in Hirosaki Chuo Seika Inc., which is apple wholesale market, due to beginning “Packed Fuji” and “Orin”.

2,360 t apples are received in market because one box weighs about 20 kg.

“Packed Fuji” occupies about 60%, and there are also “Orin”,”Shinano-gold”,”Sun Jonagold”.
In addition, there are several rare varieties apples.

It is a spectacular view because apple boxes are lined up outside because they can’t fit in the large market spaces

🍎More surprised! Aomori apples 130,000 boxes

On November 2nd, 130,000 boxes apples were received in the market, the numbers were 20,000 more boxes than the number of October 27th.

Unfortunately, it was raining in Hirosaki, but auctions were still held in the rain.

These apples are exported all over Japan and abroad.

Please eat a lot of delicious Aomori apples.

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