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Apples produce their own waxy coating

Some may think that glossy, tacky apples are covered with artificial wax. This is wrong. It’s not artificial, but a natural wax that we call “Abura-agari” in Japanese.   What are the components of this tacky substance? The apple surface is naturally covered with a smooth and transparent wax film. As the fruit ripens, fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid are secreted from the epidermal cell. These acids dissolve the wax component, and thus the surface becomes tacky and glossy. It actually indicates the ripeness of the fruit.   Why do apples produce this natural wax? The natural wax plays an important role in protecting the apple’s… Read More »

Add a colorful touch to a lunch box ~ fancy apple cuttings ~

It’s common to put some fruit in a lunchbox. Here are some ideas for fancy apple cuttings to add color. Bunny, a standard   Checkers and Leaves     It’s not only for lunchboxes; it is also used as a floating decoration, as shown in the photo, in apple juice. It will create a graceful tea time.         Pattern variations are unlimited depending on your idea. Your kids will love them. A fun lunch time awaits you. Apple University is a virtual university where you can learn many things about apples in a fun way. ⇒ Click here to go to the site.

The condition of the apple orchard – Spring –

Now that spring has come, let me report to you the condition of the apple orchard where all the snow has melted. We’ve had rather higher temperatures since mid-March. We found no snow in the field because of the early thaw this year.   When we visited the orchard on April 2, 2018, it was a nice spring day with a bit of chilly wind. The workers who prune branches or those who pick them up off the ground wore light clothes. Some wore no jackets. Since there were no leaves in the trees nor grass on the ground, we could see to the end of the field.   Take… Read More »

The Correlation between Aomori’s Watercored Apples and Freshness

“Fuji” is one of the most popular kinds of apples, harvested in early to mid-November, with the largest production yield in Japan. It features a sweet and crisp texture. The variety called “Sun Fuji,” cultivated without bagging, is known for a characteristic called “watercore.” (Apples directly exposed to the sun’s heat and light as they mature on the tree are more apt to develop watercore than shaded apples.) Click here for bagged and un-bagged cultivation. In the US, watercore is considered to be a disorder of apples. Watercore appears as yellowish glassiness of the fruit flesh around the core of the apple. It is called “Mitsu” or honey in Japanese… Read More »

The comic version of “We are the apple specialists” is complete.

The comic version of“We are the apple specialists”」is complete. University, is now presented as a comic. The remarkable first edition features Masashi Osanai, an apple grower. →Read the comic The comic version allows us to convey Masashi Osanai’s passion to apples easier and to reach anyone with an accessible form. Please take a look. We are working on the second volume. Please look forward to it! Apple University is a virtual university where you can learn many things about apples in a fun way. ⇒ Click here to go to the site.