Apple calories and nutrition ①Calories

By | 02/25/2021

Do you know the calories of sweet and delicious apples?

What kind of nutrition do apples have?

In this article, we would like to introduce the calories of apples.

■Apple calories■

Do you think eating sweet fruit like apple makes you fat because of the image that sweets are high in calories?

Actually this is a big misunderstanding.
One apple(about 300g) has 183kcals.
Please see below table to refer to the calories of other foods.

Apple has much lower calories than eating potato chips or ice cream for snack.
Apple is suitable for diet because it feels you full just by eating half an apple.

Apple is sweet but low calories.
This is a secret in the sugar called “fructose”
Fructose is the “natural sugar” found in fruits and honey.It has the highest sweetness of all natural sugars, and its sweetness is 1.2 to 1.7 times that of sugar, and it is characterized by its refreshing sweetness.
In other words, it is not “sweetness = calories”.

It is said that fructose does not easily raise blood sugar levels because once converted to glucose, it is absorbed by the body.

Apples are very nutritious besides fructose.
Next time, we will introduce nutrition.

Apple calories and nutrition ②nutrition is here

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