Apple calories and nutrition ②nutrition

By | 03/25/2021

Do you know the calories of sweet and delicious apples?

What kind of nutrition do apples have?

In this article, we would like to introduce the nutrition of apple.

■ Apple nutrition ■

Let’s see the nutrition of apple.

Ingredients that makes up apples are almost moisture, the ratio is 83%. Remaining 17% nutrients do important work on our body.

Potassium has the function of keeping cells healthy by balancing sodium. It is very important ingredients. Potassium suppresses blood pressure rise due to sodium and has the effect of lowering blood pressure. In addition, it assists to eliminate of swelling by its diuretic effect.

●Dietary fiber
Pectin, a water-soluble dietary fiber, acts to restore normal intestinal condition and to effect of preventing diarrhea. It also increases the number of good bacteria and decreases the number of bad bacteria in the intestines. Apple pectin is abundant in the part between the pericarp and the fruit.

Polyphenols abundant in apple skins suppresses the action of active oxygen which ages cells in the body, and are expected to be effective in preventing cancer and improving diabetes. It also has the effect of keeping the skin youthful because of excellent antioxidant properties and action to prevent cell aging.

●Malic acid, citric acid
Malic acid and citric acid, the source of the sourness of apples acts to suppress inflammation, fatigue recovery, increasing appetite, etc.

In addition to above, apples have many other beneficial effects on the body.

Now we know sweet and delicious apples contain a lot of ingredients that are good for the body.
The phrase “one apple a day without a doctor” is quite convinced. We hope everybody eats apple everyday and keeps heathy.

Apple calories and nutrition ①Calories is here

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