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Gelatin desserts recipe Apple vinegar jelly🍎

Introducing jelly using apples for summer. This week’s recipe is ” apple vinegar jelly“ The refreshing flavor of apple vinegar and the moderate sweetness of the compote match exquisitely, and it is a refreshing jelly like summer. Click here for detailed recipe There are other recipe using apple on this website.Please check it out “Apple university kitchen”. Apple University is a virtual university where you can learn many things about apples in a fun way. ⇒ Click here to go to the site.

How the water-soluble dietary fiber of apples worksLet’s learn the nutrition and benefits of apples[2nd period]

We learned about the antioxidant power of apples at 1st period. Let’s study “the function of the water-soluble dietary fiber of apples” that has the effect of suppressing the rise in cholesterol at 2nd period. Apples contain a lot of “water-soluble dietary fiber” and “insoluble dietary fiber“. In particular, “water-soluble dietary fiber” has the function of suppressing the rise in blood cholesterol and the rapid rise in blood sugar level. In experiments with rats, the cholesterol level in the blood was lower in rats fed with water-soluble dietary fiber of apples than with food supplemented with insoluble dietary fiber. Why does the water-soluble dietary fiber of apples lower cholesterol in… Read More »

apple chips cookie🍎

We introduce recipe with apples which high school students in Hirosaki, Aomori developped by their part of the research project. It is ice box cookies with dried apple.Outside coating of the cookie is crispy and sweet, and inside is brittle.It is a cookie that the flavor of the apple spreads in the mouth as you chew and becomes a habit. Recipe: apple chips cookie Ingredients ★apple chips apple 1 piece. salt 1 pinch water 200ml ☆dough of cookie butter 80g egg yolk 1 granulated sugar 40g flour 120g ○Coating Egg 1 granulated sugar dosage Instructions ★Make apple chipsPreparationPreheat the oven to 100°C.Make 0.1% salt water in a bowl (200 ml of water, about 0.2 g of a pinch of… Read More »

We introduce recipe of “Healthy! salted rice malt clam chowder with apple and scallop” by Ms. Ayako Miwa

We introduce recipe by Miwako Aya who presides over cooking classes mainly using We introduce recipe which fermented ingredients are mainly used by Ms. Ayako Miwa who presides over a cooking classes. Please see recipe for clam chowder which apple and scallop made in Aomori with salted rice malt. Healthy! Salted rice malt clam chowder with apple and scallop Ingredients (For 4 people) ★Onion(Thinly sliced) HalfPotato(1cm dice) 1Carrot(1cm dice) 30gApple(1cm dice) HalfSmall scallop 150gShimeji mushroom (loosen by hand) ☆Soy milk 400gSalted rice malt 1 tablespoonRice flour 1 tablespoonWhite pepper a littleparsley a little Instructions 1) Put 3 tablespoons of water (out of quantity) and ★ ingredients in a saucepan,sprinkle with… Read More »

We introduce recipe for “Soft juicy yakiniku rice bowl pickled in apples” by Ayako Miwa.a

We introduce recipe by Miwako Aya who presides over cooking classes mainly using fermented ingredients. This recipe is simple enough to pickle in grated apples! Soft juicy yakiniku rice bowl pickled in apples Ingredients (For 4 people) Thinly sliced pork 400gOnion(Thinly sliced) HalfRice 400g ★Apple(grated) HalfSoy sauce 4 table spoonsSake 2 table spoons – Decoration-egg yolk 4white sesame adequategreen shiso (shredded) 4 leaves Instructions 1) Put the ★ & pork thinly sliced pork and onion in a zipper bag and pickle for about an hour. 2)Put sesame oil in a frying pan over medium heat, fry the pickled onions and thinly sliced pork until cooked. 3)Serve rice and 2) in… Read More »

Apple’s 4-quadrant matrix🍎

Which apple is your favorite one? ★ Some apples may not be exported, but we made an apple matrix using the main varieties introduced at Apple University. We hope you can meet Aomori apples with your favorite taste Apple University is a virtual university where you can learn many things about apples in a fun way. ⇒ Click here to go to the site.

Almost work of art! Beautiful character picture apple.

Beautiful pictures and letters emerged on the apples, “Character picture apple”. This is not printed on an apple.Put a bag on the apple to block the sunlight, By removing the bag and exposing it to sunlight after it grows to a certain extent, the component that turns red at once (anthocyanin) comes out and turns red. The part where the light is blocked by a sticker etc. does not turn red, and the characters and pictures emerge. Please take a look at the wonderful “character picture apples”! Character picture apples are popular mainly for ornamental use and gifts, and are attracting attention not only from Japan but also from overseas.… Read More »

Ground beef sauce with plenty of apples🍎

We put plenty of apples in the classic pasta sauce “meat sauce”. The freshness and subtle sweetness are exquisitely delicious! It is an easy-to-use sauce that goes well with not only pasta but also bread, rice, and vegetables. Ground beef sauce with plenty of apples Ingredients (For four people) Apple 1/2 Ground beef 400g Onion 1 Carrot 1 Diced tomatoes 1 tomato ketchup 1 tablespoon Pork cutlet sauce 4 tablespoon Beef consomme(powder) 1 tablespoon Salt & pepper to taste Salted butter 10g (*) If you are difficult to get pork cutlet sauce, please use tomato ketchup 4 or 5 tablespoon Instructions 1. Finely chop the onions and carrots. 2. Grate half of… Read More »

Entirely apple cookies🍎

“Apple university kitchen” offers recipe using apple. Recipes to be introduced this time is “Entirely apple cookies”. It is a cookie with a very savory flavor that is kneaded with apple skin, and the texture of the skin is also an accent.It looks cute and is recommended as a gift. Entirely apple cookies ■Ingredients (24 pieces) ・Apple skin 1 whole apple・cake flour 150g・sugar 30g・butter 60g・pretzels 4・powdered sugar and food coloring appropriate amount ■Instructions Preparation ・Bring the butter to room temperature.・Sift the cake flour. 1. Pretzels divide one into six. Mix powdered sugar and food coloring. 2. Peel and chop the apples. 3. Cream the butter that has been warmed to… Read More »

Apple Cake🍎

It’s the season when apples are delicious.Delicious apples are best eaten raw, but they are also recommended to make some sweets. The apple recipe introduced this time is “apple cake”. Though this is called a cake, it is a sweet made by wrapping an apple filling in a moist cookie dough and baking it. Apple Cake🍎 ■Ingridients(For 20 cercles with a diameter of 4.5 cm) ◯Cookie doughButter …… 100gSugar …… 60gEgg …… 1Milk …… 1 tablespoonCake flour …… 200gSkim milk …… 40g ◯Apple fillingApple …… 2 small size like Jonathan(1 or 1.5 if big size)Sugar …… 50gWater …… 50cc ■Instructions Preparation ・Bring the butter to room temperature.・Prepare the mold.(4.5 cm square mold or round cercle with a diameter of 4 to 4.5 cm)If you don’t have a mold,… Read More »