How to prevent discoloration of apples

By | 06/25/2021

Apples from Aomori prefecture are popular for large-sized apples, so they are often cut and eaten rather than bitten.

When you cut an apple, the surface gradually oxidizes and turns brown.

There is no harm in eating something that has turned brown, but I think there are many people who look a little bad…

Why does the color change when you cut an apple in the first place?

It’s due to polyphenols.

Apples are high in polyphenols and also contain “oxidases” that promote the oxidation of polyphenols.

When this polyphenol comes into contact with air, it turns brown due to the action of oxidase.(Polyphenol itself is a component that is said to be good for health, and is known to have the effects of preventing lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, suppressing allergic symptoms such as pollinosis and atopic dermatitis, and whitening the skin.)

Many people have long known that “soaking in salt water” is a way to prevent such discoloration. This salt water suppresses the action of oxidase, so discoloration is suppressed.

Please see the above picture.The discoloration of apples soaked in salt water is much less than that of freshly cut apples.

Besides, lemon water and sugar water are effective as well as salt water.

Discoloration is suppressed and it is perfect for putting in a lunch box.

If you cut it off and soak it in salt water, the color will not change easily.

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