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By | 12/05/2020

Here is “Apple university kitchen” to introduce recipes to use apple.

Today we offer “Pan roast apple cake“.

This is easy pan roast cake, pan cake mix based, not to use oven.

Pan roast apple cake

【Ingredients】(1 fly pan , width around 27cm)

2 Apples
30g butter
3 tbsps sugar
■Cake Dough
3 eggs
4 tbsps sugar
1 tbsp instant coffee
100ml salad oil
200g pan cake mix


1. Make cake dough.
Break the eggs into bowl, add sugar and instant coffee and mix them quickly, then add salad oil.

2. Put pan cake mix into instrcution 1, then mix them thoroughly.

3. Put pan cake mix into instrcution 1, then mix them thoroughly.

4. Heat butter and sugar over medium heat in a fly pan.
When the butter melts, line up the apples, bake until one side is golden brown, then turn it over.

5. Pour the dough(step 2) from the outside, After pouring all the dough, cover it and bake on low heat for about 15 minutes

6. Try sticking a bamboo skewer. If there is no dough, turn off the fire.
Take the rough heat, carefully turn it over on a plate. Completion!

To avoid overcooked, change the position of fly pan. Then the heat spreads evenly.

The dough with coffee and a slightly sweet apple are good combination.
You can enjoy it from children to adults because of no bitterness of coffee, modest taste of sweetness,

This time we introduce apple cake, we also recommend recipes using apple juice or vinegar.
Let’s check it out “Apple university kitchen”!

Here is “Pan roast apple cake” in apple university kitchen.

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