Apple Cake🍎

By | 09/27/2021

It’s the season when apples are delicious.
Delicious apples are best eaten raw, but they are also recommended to make some sweets.

The apple recipe introduced this time is “apple cake”.

Though this is called a cake, it is a sweet made by wrapping an apple filling in a moist cookie dough and baking it.

Apple Cake🍎

■Ingridients(For 20 cercles with a diameter of 4.5 cm)

◯Cookie dough
Butter …… 100g
Sugar …… 60g
Egg …… 1
Milk …… 1 tablespoon
Cake flour …… 200g
Skim milk …… 40g

◯Apple filling
Apple …… 2 small size like Jonathan(1 or 1.5 if big size)
Sugar …… 50g
Water …… 50cc



・Bring the butter to room temperature.
・Prepare the mold.(4.5 cm square mold or round cercle with a diameter of 4 to 4.5 cm)
If you don’t have a mold, you can make one with a milk carton.
Wrap aluminum foil around a milk carton cut into 2 x 18 cm and staple the ends so that it becomes a round shape.

Cookie dough

1. Cream the butter that has been warmed to room temperature with a whisk, add sugar and mix further.

2. Add milk to the egg, dissolve well, add to 1 bowl in 2 to 3 portions, and mix well each time.

3. Add skim milk and cake flour, mix well, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Apple filling

1. Rinse the apples thoroughly with water and cut into 5mm cubes with the skin still attached.(Remove the wick)

2. Put apples, sugar and water in a frying pan and heat over high heat. When it boils, reduce the heat to medium to low and simmer while stirring until the water is gone.

3. Spread it on a vat to remove the rough heat.

From formation to bake

Preheat oven to 200 celsius (400 F)

1. Divide the dough rested in the refrigerator into 20 equal parts and roll them.
Divide the apple filling into 20 equal parts.

2. Wrap the dough thinly and roll it with an apple filling.
Be careful not to let the apple filling stick out.

3. Put it in a mold and push it flat to fit it into the mold.

4. Lower the oven preheated to 200 ° C to 180 celcius and bake for 10 minutes.
Take it out, turn it over and bake again at 180 celcius for 10 minutes.
(When you turn it over, lightly press it again to look better.)

5. Remove from the mold and let cool to complete.

Using the apples together with the skin creates a bright red filling, which is appetizing.
The skin is also soft, so it’s easy to eat it.

It’s delicious when soon after baked, but after a day, the water in the apple filling will blend into the dough, making it even more moist and delicious.

Other recipes using apples are available.
Please check it out!

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