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Apple pizza with gyoza(dumpling) skin~Apple university kitchen~

“Apple university kitchen” offers recipe using apple. Recipes to be introduced this time is “Apple pizza with gyoza(dumpling) skin”. Necessary items are only knives and toaster oven, so it’s easy for everyone, even if cooking beginner, to cook it easy. And it is suitable for light snacks. Apple pizza with gyoza(dumpling) skin ■Ingredients (For three people) ・Apple 1/8・Gyoza(dumpling) skin(Bigger size) 3・Onion 1/4・Dry sausage(or bacon, sausage, etc) a little・pizza sauce 1.5 tablespoons・cheese for pizza 30g・dried basil as you like ■Recipe 1. Slice the onion, then heat it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. 2. Remove the core of apple with skin, cut it into small size quarter-rounds. 3. Slice dried… Read More »

column “Snow-White and poisoned apple” by Rie Tsukinaga, movie writer

Not just as food, fruit with many sides. Although it is a side role in the story, it gives a strong impression to the viewer. Its presence remains the same on the screen and attract viewers. Rie Tsukinaga spotlighted movies from among many of them at here. Please watch it with the movie. ■”Snow White” story Speaking of “I’m writing a column about a movie with apples”, everybody says“An apple in the movie? Is that the movie after all?” once every two times.A girl who bites a bright red apple.It’s “Snow White,” which everyone knows well.Based on the Grimm fairy tale, but generally the image of Disney’s anime movie is… Read More »

Apple calories and nutrition ②nutrition

Do you know the calories of sweet and delicious apples? What kind of nutrition do apples have? In this article, we would like to introduce the nutrition of apple. ■ Apple nutrition ■ Let’s see the nutrition of apple. Ingredients that makes up apples are almost moisture, the ratio is 83%. Remaining 17% nutrients do important work on our body. ●PotassiumPotassium has the function of keeping cells healthy by balancing sodium. It is very important ingredients. Potassium suppresses blood pressure rise due to sodium and has the effect of lowering blood pressure. In addition, it assists to eliminate of swelling by its diuretic effect. ●Dietary fiberPectin, a water-soluble dietary fiber,… Read More »

Apple calories and nutrition ①Calories

Do you know the calories of sweet and delicious apples? What kind of nutrition do apples have? In this article, we would like to introduce the calories of apples. ■Apple calories■ Do you think eating sweet fruit like apple makes you fat because of the image that sweets are high in calories? Actually this is a big misunderstanding.One apple(about 300g) has 183kcals. Please see below table to refer to the calories of other foods. Apple has much lower calories than eating potato chips or ice cream for snack.Apple is suitable for diet because it feels you full just by eating half an apple. Apple is sweet but low calories.This is… Read More »

“Fuji”, the ever-evolving 80th anniversary of birth

“Fuji” is apples that everyone knows, the most produced variety in the world.This year marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of “Fuji”.It has been loved so far because it has been actually evolving. “Fuji” was born at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Horticultural Experiment Station, which was located Minamitsugarugun Fujisakimachi, Aomori, Japan (Currently it is located to Morioka, Iwate, Japan).On 1939, it was raised crossing “Kokko” and “Delicious”, and registered as “Fuji(Ringo Norin No,1)” on 1962. On 1982, after overtaking the delicious varieties that had been number one until then, it did not give up the top spot.Even now, it is the most popular and unrivaled, so it’s no… Read More »

We’ve just renewed the blog page♪

We, Apple University, have renewed the blog page as follows: We are going to transmit information as energetically as possible. You are invited to see the past issues by clicking the banner below. The Apple University website will share all kinds of information in various types of content just as we’ve done so far. We’ll strive to make the homepage content fruitful as well as the blog. Apple University is a virtual university where you can learn many things about apples in a fun way. ⇒ Click here to go to the site.