The new contents, “Ringo Kenbi” (Apple is healthy and beautiful), begins.

By | 11/05/2022

Erika Shinohara, registered dietitian, presents, new column with “beauty and health” in mind serialization begins.

The first time is on the theme of “delicious intestinal activity ♪ with apples”, introducing “intestinal activity with dietary fiber”.

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“delicious intestinal activity ♪ with apples”
One of the typical ingredients of apples is dietary fiber.
Dietary fiber can be expected to have the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment.

Intestinal activity with dietary fiber

Apples contain both water-soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which is expected to have the effect of regulating bowel movements.

It is also expected to have different effects on each dietary fiber.

Pectin, a water-soluble dietary fiber abundant in apples, has the property of becoming a gel by adding acid and sugar together. It is the function of pectin that jam made by boiling down and adding acid and sugar becomes a thick gel. Pectin is expected to have the effect of preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as suppressing the rise in blood sugar level and lowering cholesterol levels, but it is also expected to have the effect of increasing good bacteria by feeding good bacteria.

The insoluble dietary fiber “cellulose” is a component of the cell wall, and the crispy texture of apples is created because it contains cellulose. It adsorbs harmful substances in the intestines such as carcinogens and promotes the excretion of stool. It is also effective in preventing constipation because it is also used as a material for stool. Insoluble pectin is more abundant in immature fruits, which, as they ripen, turn into water-soluble.

Both water-soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber are ingredients that you want to take.

Please wait for a while until the next release of “(2) Let’s increase good bacteria with oligosaccharides”

Tips on how to eat apples to stay beautiful and healthy, and I somehow knew that apples seemed to be good for the body, but how is it really? I also recommend ♡ reading to those who say

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Erika Shinohara Profile

registered dietitian, Vegetable Sommelier Pro, The Board Certification of Therapy Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

After working at a general hospital and a nephrology and internal medicine clinic, she became independent. Through many years of clinical experience and activities in anti-aging medicine, she specializes in discovering dietary habits that create health and beauty from within the body and disseminating them in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to providing dietary counseling at medical institutions, she is active in a wide range of activities, including lectures nationwide, seminar lecturers, column writing, media correspondence such as TV, radio, and magazines, and supervising books.

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